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New avvie

2009-07-20 11:01:24 by Betaki

Ive had this button for a wile now and well... i love it and if only it still had that awesome silvery blue coating over the black moon and what not.... welll now ima going to make a newwww avitar based of this button that Great Grandma gave me... Problem is i Cant Draw Pixel Roses worth a begezus.... i need a small pixel rose outline angled where you can see the side yet the inside then the stem will circle round.... outside the tips of the moon. it will be awesome when im done... *sigh* oh well... ill show you what i got so far in a sec when I've got the rose place holder up! I've yet to color in the moon but the black stars simple five pointed things as they are, are finished. :D ill be posting it On my Deviant art Page when im Done as well.

Speaking Of Deviant Art i got some Decent Writings up there right now. since i cant do flash due to no software money for getting software or knowledge of flash aaaaand the same goes for the music though i could compose something if i put my mind to it. (im not very patient) I am However a decent writer. Yes a DECENT WRITER! when i can manage to Defeat the writers block and manage to get my ideas onto paper... or word processor... or whatever.... god i need to find a job that will nurture my creative side... im pitiful... and clueless very clueless.
i should probably post the link...(BetaKi's Deviant Page)

Also i may be starting a Comic soon Its temporary Name is Emoticomic until i come up with something better. Heres a teaser... its made entirely with emotes.... yes emotes... though the BackGrounds later on may be drawn out. ill be asking a friend very nicely for those... Very Very Nicely... considering shed already working on a Large Comic project with me and another friend...

Nano wri mo!!!!

2008-11-01 13:55:15 by Betaki



2008-10-16 11:10:52 by Betaki

so thats what this button does! okay so im trying to find a free flash editor so i can make animations. i cant just buy one because um... im broke. and i have to go to college in january. so im waiting for a job and bored out of my mind.... well at least my boyfriend is coming home in november. ive been like suffering from boyfriend withdrawal.... damn this post sounds like... soooo ADD ish.... go figure sounds just like me! hmmm.... i think ill post a gif animaton i made.....

okay so i like it i made the fish and the bowl the cat was made by someone else just google cathy's crazy creations and find her pixels.
lesse i have websites and rpg forums but basically theyre dead and im to lazy to update the websites or blogs... X_X
i have 2 comics im doing. one is with some friends but its not up yet. the other im again to lasy to update i only got three strips but according to some friends its kind of funny... Dudes comics

Weee! okay ill stop talking yeah...